Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin or BTC is a cryptocurrency and online payment system which supported open source protocol that is independent of any central authority. A Bitcoin can be transferred by a computer, laptop or phone without recourse to a financial intermediary.

What is cloud mining and how does it work?

Cloud Mining offer instant access to a mining platform to anyone who wants to start mining instant, whether it’s because you do not have the knowledge or information to do it by yourself or you just do not want to incur the massive start-up value of buying and managing your own hardware system. Simply it is sharing the processing power our data centers to mine together with us as a group. By working together in a pool and sharing the payouts amongst contributors, miners can get a steady flow of Bitcoin starting the day they activate their miner.

Where are our cloud mining data centers located?

For the safety of our Investment and that of everybody that purchase miners from us, we do not publicize the precise places of our mining farms. Basically it would be like giving the exact address of where you could find millions of dollars jackpots, our locations are extremely secure but we could do without the stress of being constantly attacked by robbers. We have several mine data centre which you can see in our data centre tab of the website.

What Payment systems are available on this website?

At the moment, we accept only Bitcoin, Perfectmoney and Western Union for payment. With enough demand, we should add more payment option in future.

How can i get my profit?

As long as you have the amount not less than 0.005 BTC, Then you can withdraw from your account. Withdrawal process done automatically, but you have to setup your Bitcoin Wallet Address from your Account settings.

Why do we measure purchased powers in Hashrates

We are use video cards for mining and it is generally agreed to measure their capacity in KH/s. In fact, the productivity of video cards can be measured according to their cryptographic algorithm. For the capacity rating of video cards we use Scrypt algorithm. So, we are following their algorithm of KH/s to measure our total purchased powers in KH.

How come your pricing is low?

We use green energy and renewable energy for electricity with efficient custom made mining hardware along with modified mining software.

What to do if i made deposit but it didn't reflect on my account

If you have made made using Bitcoin deposit method then it will be approved up 6 confirmations. If your funds weren't delivered and your request has "Pending Approval" status, please, contact our support team and provide your order id and hash transaction. As soon as we check your funds remittance, your request will be confirmed by our representative.

What is the duration of my mining contract?

Your mining contract will run for as long as your mining plan is active.

Are there any fees for mining?

No. Mining is totally free and transparent.

How does the Referral program work?

Our Referral Program allows our customers to obtain additional income with minimal effort by attracting new members. We offer as high as 10% referral commission on successful purchase made by the customer you referred. You can find your referral link from Referral section on your account page and share it to anyone to earn referral bonus.

Is there a Refund policy?

Currently we do not provide any refunds. Mining powers once allotted will not be refunded back.

Can't find my question here?

Please send your query to our support team by using the contact form that can be found on our homepage. You can also drop us a mail at: